What is UCARE?

UCARE is a private initiative to join entrepreneurs from the FoodTech industry, the main goal of which is to create a "bridge" between Ukrainian producers and Western retailers. 

In other words, we help export value-added food products to the European and American markets.

Is UCARE a national program?

No, UCARE is not a national program, but we cooperate with a number of state bodies and apparatuses that help us in our work. One of these is the "GDIP" (General Directorate for Nutrition in cooperation with foreign partners) under the President of Ukraine, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Not least, we have entered into a number of partnerships with private and public charitable foundations.

What value do you bring? Why was the UCARE initiative created?

For Ukrainian manufacturers, UCARE helps to establish links with European and American retailers for further placement of products on the shelfs of national and regional chains. For retailers, UCARE opens the market of Ukrainian products, which increases consumer loyalty to the network, we help to diversify the assortment and, as a result, increase their turnover. 

We introduce chain consumers to Ukrainian goods and what the “taste of Ukraine” really is. The global goal is to support the economy of Ukraine and the well-being of its citizens.

Are there analogues of UCARE in Ukraine?

After analyzing Ukrainian companies/initiatives, our team can say that there are no analogues of UCARE in Ukraine. 

Who created UCARE?

The original idea of UCARE belongs to Vlad Kitaigorodsky (marketer and creator of the agro-industrial holding MHP). In the process of formation and work on the project, the idea was qualitatively supplemented and transformed into the one we have today. The ideologists and creators of the project are also Maxim Karpiy (SPORT LAB, one of the leaders and "dinosaurs" of the event market), as well as Sergiy Cheromush (Bestseller group, a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in the FMCG market). 

Is UCARE a commercial or charitable organization?

UCARE is not a charitable organization, but a commercial project. However, the company cooperates with a number of well-known and trusted charities and foundations. 

What is FoodTech Shelf? Why UCARE initiative works on the FoodTech Shelf platform?

FOOD TECH SHELF is an innovative "shelf start-up" project that predates the UCARE initiative and is the basis for the initiative's work. The essence of the FOODTECH SHELF project is to search for innovative products / food startups from around the world to be placed on the shelf of a large retailer in order to test new categories, tastes and build trusting relationships with the supplier / manufacturer. The buyer, at the same time, has a chance to be the first to test the novelty, which gives him a unique consumption experience. 

UCARE fit perfectly into the FOODTECH SHELF model + the idea itself really responded to the team, which responded with great desire to the proposal to create such a collaboration in such a difficult time for Ukraine.

Where is UCARE / FOOOTECH SHELF headquartered? Can I see you physically?

UCARE is an initiative built on the basis of FOODTECH SHELF. Seriy Cheromush and Olena Ilchenko are based in Los Angeles(USA) and Artem Cheromush lives in Turkey. Max Karpiy is in Spain, and Vlad Kytaygorodskiy is in Ukraine. If any of our partners needs to contact us to discuss potential work, we will be happy to arrange a meeting for you. All contractual strapping is built with companies belonging to the Bestseller Group (Ukraine, Estonia, USA), which is the service provider of the UCARE / FOODTECH SHELF project. 

You say that you cooperate with charitable organizations. How?

Within the team, we, as one, decided that for us UCARE is not just a commercial project. It is also a social project and it is based on the main message: to help the country's economy. The economy is another front without which our struggle is simply impossible. Part of the profit received from the supermarkets / retail will go to humanitarian aid. 

Another part of the profit will go to financing / development of FOODTECH projects in Ukraine.


Why should I work with UCARE? What is your value? What benefits do I get from working with you?

We perform the function of a scout, communicator, seller and intermediary in quality control when interacting with the manufacturer and the retail chain.
Our task is to put your products on the shelf of a European and American retailer.
Yes, you can do it yourself, because we have an open market, but in this case you will have standard buyer-manufacturer relationship.

 Our approach includes interaction through a socially significant and profitable for both parties marketing project / initiative of the branded Ukrainian shelf UCARE. The retailer himself decides what kind of products he wants to see on this shelf. This is a kind of consolidated solution, presented under a single banner of our project. Goods in it like  a "constructor" and each retailer has a different one.

I want to work with UCARE. What should I do?

To get started, we advise you to fill out the form on our website in the section FOR MANUFACTURERS. 

Please enter basic data and contacts, also attach a catalog with products and prices in a PDF file. This is the best and the fastest way to communicate with us. You help us save time and understand what exactly you are selling and how your product is ready  to enter foreign markets. 

We will answer you and tell you about the next steps of interaction.

Or contact us by email: product@ucare.foodtechshelf.com
In the letter, please provide brief information about the company you represent, as well as about the company's products in PDF catalog format.

Don't worry if you don't get an answer right away. It takes us some time to study the information you submit. We will contact you about the next steps.

What products does UCARE work with?

Almost any food products of long-term storage (from 6 months) and added value (not raw materials). Does your product fit these parameters? - Apply. We will be glad to see you

What industries does UCARE work with?

If you feel the strength and desire to enter the foreign market, understanding that your product may be in demand there for a number of reasons or the Ukrainian market is not enough for you - we will be happy to consider your application.

At the same time, you should understand that Western markets and retail are very concerned about the safety of products submitted for sale, which means that if the network is interested, you will have to provide all the necessary certification and possibly pass the audit of the enterprise.

Which countries does UCARE work with? What markets and retailers does your initiative cover?

First, we work with the markets of developed European countries, which have shown the greatest support and loyalty to Ukraine. Example: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Austria Australia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, etc.

Do I need to adapt the product packaging to the requirements of the European/American market?

Initially, a sticker with a translation containing basic information about the product and ingredients, according to the requirements of the importing country, will suffice.

What are the conditions of work with UCARE?

You fill out an application on our website in the section FOR MANUFACTURERS. In the application attach a catalog of your products, which, in your opinion, could be of interest to a European retailer. Our team reviews the application and sends it to retailers for consideration. We act as a "bridge" for establishing communication with the retailer. The retailer can send a number of clarifying questions or ask to send samples of products for trial.

In case of making a positive decision about your products on the UCARE shelf, we sign a mirror agreement with you and the network of sale and purchase agreements with one of the companies of the Bestseller group performing the functions of a service provider. The trade margin of the service provider will be calculated based on the basis of the seller's delivery and logistics requirements from each retail network. At the request of the networks, it is possible to conclude a supply contract between the manufacturer and the network directly, without the participation of the service provider. In this case, our relationship will be governed only by a partnership agreement concluded with the network.

Does UCARE buy my products for further sale in the export market?

When signing an agreement with one of the Bestseller Group service provider companies, the goods will be purchased on mirror terms agreed with supermarket chains. From the side of the service provider, it is possible to provide trade financing.

Where will my product be placed?

Each individual retailer has its own placement options. The UCARE shelf in the store is separated or highlighted so that consumers can quickly identify which products are represented by Ukraine/UCARE initiative.

What are the conditions for working with foreign retailers?

It all depends on the country, region, city and retailer rules themselves. One of the key factors will be the quality and safety of products, confirmed by the quality certificates necessary for sale.

Further negotiations follow. And, as in any negotiations, they have a mix of standard terms and custom terms/agreements between the two parties. But within the framework of the Ucare project, the networks have already previously confirmed their readiness to work with Ukrainian manufacturers on the most loyal terms.

How does a retailer choose which product they want to work with and which they don't?

It depends on many factors, such as: - retailers development strategy / its product preferences. - trends and taste features of the country, region, city. - other subjective and objective factors. The role of our project is to provide supermarket chains with ready-made marketing, PR and logistics solutions, expert recommendations, point out the existing sales of goods in Ukraine, some quality features and unique characteristics, which will give the retailer additional opportunities to develop their business - cooperating with Ukrainian manufacturers.

In any case, the final decision on the factory of specific goods lies with the retailer. But the advantage is that the decision to work with Ukrainian manufacturers has already been made. And the choice of products is influenced not only by buyers, but also by marketing services and chain managers.

I have a small production and I'm not sure if I can produce enough products. What to do?

If you are the owner or manager of a small business / production, then you first need to answer the following questions: - “Why do I need a foreign market?” - “Am I ready to enter other markets?” It happens that you are a manufacturer of such a niche and unique product that it is the foreign market that is a priority for you. And our consumer is not ready to buy such a product for a number of objective reasons. Perhaps the history of export is a story about you and your journey will begin there, and not here?

And at the moment when you have stable and large customers, it will be easier to find resources to scale production. Send us an application. And don't be afraid!

Does UCARE finance supply chains?

It is rather an exception to the rule and is a matter of negotiation. We have to really believe in the product in order to finance its release ourselves. In most cases, we perform the function of “building bridges” for a faster and smoother entry of your products into certain markets and networks. By “building bridges” we mean communications, primary sales, control of the transaction and the course of interaction between the two parties (MANUFACTURER - RETAILER).

But at the same time, our service provider, Bestseller Group and its financial partners, are ready to consider the possibility of providing trade finance on an individual basis.

How is the logistics of products?

Retailers that conduct foreign economic activity can purchase products on various delivery bases, up to EXW. Those who don't conduct may want DDP deliveries.

In any case, the team of the project's service provider, Bestseller Group, will be able to provide a full range of international logistics, including the possible consolidation of cargo, both for several manufacturers and for several networks.



Що таке UCARE?

Чи UCARE є національною програмою?

Ні, UCARE не є національною програмою, але ми співпрацюємо з низкою державних органів та апаратів, які допомагають нам у нашій роботі. Одним із таких є «ГДІП» (Генеральна Дирекція з Пітань взаємодії з Іноземними Партнерами) за президента України, а також Торгово-промислова палата.

Не важливо, що ми уклали низку партнерств з приватними і державними благодійними фондами.

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